Charity Program of Tej Kohli India

When it comes to tej kohli india, we will talk about charity program whose specialization is providing Indian people with free eyes care. Thousands of Indian managed to get rid of cataract after operation undergone by experts who are involved in program of Tej Kohli. This is the reason why more and more Indian people are happy due to existence of this foundation.

It is reported that tej kohli dhrishti is going to get into operation. It is a bus that will go through remote areas of Indian to help cataract suffers get rid of their problem. Of course mobile operation of Tej Kohli becomes good news to Indian people, especially those who are living in poverty since it will give more chance to them to get out of eyes problem. 

So far, tej kohli clinic has done a lot of things to Indian people since it gives treatment for cataract and other eye diseases with free of charge. What this foundation has to offer has changed many Indian people’s life and now they can live as what they should since their vision can become normal again. Program of Tej Kohli is going to continue until Indian people can free their life from eyes problem, particularly cataract.

Fitness & Sports Center

Offering state of the art fitness facilities and programs for the whole family, the Fitness & Sports Center provides free weights, aerobics, exercise machines, fully equipped men's or women's locker rooms with sauna, computerized fitness assessments, personal trainers and a comprehensive intramural and varsity sports program. It has staff trained in personal fitness program that meets an individual's needs. You can also have to make your body fat, strength and flexibility tested.

Sometimes the fitness & sports center is comprised of basketball and volleyball court, weight room, racquetball courts, nautilus room, men's and women's locker rooms, cardiovascular room, softball fields, a football field with an all-weather running track and some tennis courts. Usually, classes are available for civilians, dependents, and active duty members. You've heard it before: regular exercise increases your energy and metabolism, improves strength and flexibility, even decreases stress, brightens your mood and helps fight disease as you age. It such as work out with a group, takes a new class, or participates in an organized sport. So take advantage of all of the workout opportunities that are available to you.

In the fitness and sports center also have sports massage, it like a treatment that is only reserved for people who actually play sports that they do in that place. And there are plenty of benefits according to a sports massage even for people who don’t spend a lot of time at the fitness club. Sports massages are particularly effective for people who are experiencing tension in a specific part of the body. If you are wondering whether or not to get a sports massage, most fitness training will suggest a visit when you notice problematic, reoccurring pain in a specific area of the body. Generally, they sports massage therapists tend to focus on one specific problem.